Discharge Printing, Screen Printing Process

[highlights][/highlights] A few weeks ago we had an opportunity to work with the amazing folks over at Team Covenant and use a different screen printing technique in the process. Discharge printing.

Using the discharge process allows us to create an incredibly soft print that can easily maintain vibrant colors on a dark garment without an under base. To get a little more technical an additive is mixed in with the ink that, when heated to 240° f, replaces the color dye in the shirt with that of ink. The results are phenomenal!

Check out the comparison and finished shirt below! The crimson circle is red ink printed as a single color on a black 100% cotton garment. The image below that is the Covenant design printed using the discharge process.

Tulsa Screen Printing Discharge Mythic Press 01

The Covenant logo was also printed using halftones to add tonal value to the print.

Tulsa Screen Printing Discharge Mythic Press 02


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