How to Find the best CrossFit Apparel for Your Gym

How to Find the best CrossFit Apparel for Your Gym

Hey CrossFitters

If you’re reading this blog you probably fit into one of two categories. You’re an athlete, or you’re the owner of the box. Either way, you’re going to want to stick around. We’re going to make some suggestions for you based on CrossFit gyms who have recently ordered custom apparel lines from our print shop.

Finding the right gear for your workouts is like finding a good date. Your gear can’t be awkward, you need it to treat you right, and if all goes well you hope to keep it around for a year or two (or more!).

A custom apparel line is created for gym owners who want their athletes to rep their gym name, but not sacrifice mobility or comfort. Below is a short list of garments we suggest for CrossFitters everywhere. They are 100% CrossFit tested and proven in gyms by our professional clothing testers (CrossFitters at local gyms). They love our gear, and we hope you will too.

Slouchy Pullover

As the temperature drops you need a layer that doesn’t sacrifice style for warmth. Add this easy fitting piece to mix and match with our other CrossFit performance gear. Comfortable with a wide neckline makes it the ultimate sweatshirt to go from gym to grocery store.

Racerback Tank

This everyday tank is perfect for your WOD and will keep you cool rep after rep after rep.  Works great with your drawer full of racerback bras. Allows for freedom of movement with no uncomfortable binding or pinching. Accentuates all the right parts without being too revealing.


Stay warm. Rep your gym. Repeat. Our jackets are a polyester cotton blend that is perfect for your warm up, or even a quick run to the store. Let people know you’re proud of your gym.

Leggings (short & long)

Our leggings provide the support you’ll need when the tough gets going. These odor-resistant, moisture wicking leggings provide the look and feel that won’t hinder your performance in the gym. This is an item that most gyms don’t offer their athletes. People get bored of buying t-shirts or sweatpants and are eager to add these leggings to their wardrobe.

Cosmic Fleece

Being an athlete has never felt so good. You will always be warm in this new Cosmic Fleece pullover. Believe me, it’s out of this world.


No more slouch in your lounge game. Joggers are the type of sweatpants your wife will let you wear out of the house.


We print custom designs for gyms on some of the most comfortable shirts in the world. These shirts are great for events, competitions or merch for the gym.