Who is Mythic?

Who are we?! Mythic Press! Sorry for yelling. We’re just really excited.

We know you have a favorite shirt. It’s the one you wore until it was full of holes and should have thrown out years ago. We get it. The design was rad and it fit like it was made for you. At Mythic, we harness the cosmic force that binds us to our favorite tees. If you work with our designers and printers to create new shirts, they will inevitably be worn to shreds.

  • Hershel Self

    Art Director

  • Cole Cunningham

    Owner / Manager

  • Trevor Barrios


Our Philosophy

We are here to make sure you find the best t-shirt possible. Period. The second you pick up the phone and call our number you know you’ll be in good hands. We give every customer the options they need to make an informed decision while keeping things simple. We’re honest people, which means designing and printing the best t-shirts possible for you is our top priority.


Our designers are serious about their work and love thinking outside the box to make designs you’ll love. We can work with current designs or make something completely new for you. Every detail of the shirt is taken into consideration when printing. We look at sizes, colors, ink, heat and everything in between.


We offer a full range of screen printing and merchandising services from t-shirts to tote bags and even full merchandise planning (see all services here). That’s right, we do WAY more than print t-shirts. Below is a short outline on how we handle our orders. It’s our job to make quality garments, it’s your job to love the finished product.

  1. Call Mythic Press
  2. Quantity, number of ink colors, design
  3. Print. Those. Shirts!
  4. Quality Control (check and double check)
  5. Let’s get your order to you! (pick up or deliver)