Production Standards

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From ink colors and print locations to art file requirements and mock up approval tips, we’ve got everything you need to know about our production standards to ensure top-quality results.

Screen Printing

Ink Color Chart

This ink chart is a representation of the standard ink colors that we offer that are appropriate for most jobs. Colors are replicated as closely as possible, but might not be exact. Please note that colors can change from one screen to the next. If your design requires distinct colors, we offer custom ink mixing and PMS matching for additional cost.

Ink color chart

Print Sizing and Placements

Artwork is sized to best fit the smallest garment (ask about multiple print sizes if needed). All sizes are approximate. Locations may vary by as much as 1 inch. If you wish to deviate, please be specific with sizing and location measurements.

print sizing and placement

Gradient Effects

Gradients are a very neat effect. We use three methods to translate gradients onto a garment – Halftones, Split Fountain, and Index Separations / Simulated Process.

HIT and Underbase

This image shows examples of a single hit of ink and one that has an underbase. An underbase is a screen of white ink that gets laid down under the image so that the colors on top are nice and bright. A single hit with no underbase is great when you want a soft feel and a faded vintage look.

underbase screenprint


Thread Color Chart

This embroidery thread chart is a representation of the thread colors that we have. Colors are replicated as close as possible but may not be exact. Colors may appear differently across devices.

thread color chart for embroidery

Embroidery Sizing and Placements

Embroidery sizing is determined by the type of garment and machine limitations. Some embroidery can go larger and some will have to be smaller. Please let us know if there is a specific size that you are wanting.

embroidery artwork size and placement

Artwork Requirements

Please note that artwork is needed within 24 hours of quote approval. If you are not able to provide print ready artwork, we will proactively recreate your artwork and prepare for print. A $60 art fee will be added to your invoice, which includes up to 1 hour of art time.

Accepted File Types

Vector art is preferred but can be worked around by either making the image into vector art or using a high resolution image for DTF/DTF and special print types.

Acceptable Image File TypesAcceptable Embroidery file Types
.ai – vector artwork.emb
.eps – vector artwork.dst
.svg – vector artwork
.pdf – vector/high resolution image
.jpg – 12” wide 300dPI
.png – 12” wide 300dPI (PLEASE SEND COLOR OPTIONS)
.psd – flattened artwork at 300 dpi sized at 12” wide

High Resolution Requirements

Our preferred art type is vector art, which is created in programs like Adobe Illustrator. If you cannot get vector art then a high-res image is needed.

Mock Up Approval Tips

Digital mockups are created to represent physical goods as accurately as possible, however, they are not perfect. Please take the time to review details closely, as once artwork is approved your order will be produced as shown. If you have any concerns about your artwork or ink colors, please let us know! We want to eliminate any concerns and would rather discuss this than surprise you. 

  • Reference the ink colors listed, sizing dimensions, etc. shown on your mockups.
  • We recommend getting a ruler out to better visualize the size of your imprint recognizing artwork will appear larger in scale on a small shirt compared to a large shirt.
  • Please reference our INK CHART to determine the best ink color for your artwork. 
  • Please note, Ink colors will appear differently on colored garments. Inks are not 100% opaque so some of the fabric color will show through. For example, a yellow ink on a blue shirt will appear somewhat green.
  • A white underbase is advised for bright prints as well as more accurate color representation, especially on darker garments.

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