Merchandising is one of many ways in which a brand can increase it’s visibility, recognition, and customer engagement. To do so, however, requires more than simply slapping your logo on a t-shirt. The personality of your brand must be expressed across a variety of products, using a consistent message that resonates with your target customer(s).

That’s where we come in.

As your merchandising partner, we’re doing a lot more than printing shirts. We’re helping you grow your brand, and automating a part of your business that would normally take attention away from other critical business operations.

Our processes allow us to quickly come up to speed for a given audience and begin planning an effective merchandise program. From concepting to design to garment selection to order quantities and so forth we can assist you tie it all together.

We love working with events and business both. Please contact us to discuss your needs and audience to see how we might assist.

Specialty Services

custom printed tags

Custom Printed Tags

No one likes those annoying tags. We’ll take them out and print your logo and individual sizes.

folding, tagging and bagging

Tagging & Bagging

It’s not as violent as you think. We will tag and shrink wrap each garment, ready for your online orders.

order fulfillment and shipping

Order Fulfillment & Shipping

Anywhere Super Man can fly, we can deliver. (Except the moon, we can’t go to the moon)

water based discharge

Water Based Ink & Discharge

Anyone can lift heavy weights, but not everyone can stand out doing it.

order fulfillment and shipping

Photography Services

Look good. Feel good. But mostly look good. We have one of the best photographers in town.

ecommerce and inventory management

eCommerce & Inventory Management

Let us handle the ordering, inventory, and everything inbetween.


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