What Makes a Great Event T-Shirt?

What Makes a Great Event T-Shirt?

This is the question you will have to answer in order to make a great t-shirt for your upcoming event. If you don’t answer this question, well, we’re not allowed to tell you what happens.

There are five main points below that will help you create the best event t-shirt the world has ever seen. All of the examples below are real Mythic clients, not paid actors.

1. Understanding Your Audience

Every event is different, which means every audience will be different. Is your event for a summer camp for families and their kids? You might want to think about ordering a blended T that is breathable, so all those kids running around don’t go home sweaty in the mini-van.

Maybe you are planning a music festival and want a nicer shirt to sell as merchandise. You will need a shirt that can be sold for a profit, a shirt that says, “Hey, you, yeah you, look how cool this event is, you should go next year.” Every audience has particular needs, and we can help you find the right shirt that fits your budget and quality specifications.

2. Why T-shirt Design Matters

How often does your event happen? Once a year? Maybe once a quarter? You only have one chance to make a lasting impression on the people who attend your event, and we want to give you that chance. Our portfolio has wide-range of designs. We have talented designers at the shop who produce work for a large variety of clients. Take a look below at a design we did for a big fundraising event called Wild Brew.

3. Merchandising

If you are wanting to plan a merchandise program you want to turn a profit. Plan and simple. We can set up an online store, a pop up shop, and fulfill orders based on the quantity of your event. We’ve set up merchandise partnerships for church events, music festivals, fundraisers, and plenty of others. If you’re ready to make some money, we’re ready to start printing.

4. Choosing The Right Garment

One size fits all does not apply here. If you’re doing an outdoors event we may suggest doing a tank, v-neck, or a tri-blend that will keep everyone from sweating their pits out. We don’t only print on t-shirts, as well. We can do jackets, hoodies, leggings, shorts and everything in between. As long as your request doesn’t involve screen printing on a dragon costume, we can make it happen.

5. Making the Most of Your Sponsors

Sponsor relationships are important. There’s no doubt about it. Putting sponsors on the back of your event t-shirt can be beneficial, and can be done in a way that doesn’t overwhelm the shirt’s design. We want to maintain your relationships and benefit both parties in the process. Ask us how to do “sponsor t’s” the right way, and we’ll design a shirt that your participants will love.