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Find Yourself Outdoors with Apparel Brand Oktera

Have you ever climbed Mt. Scott in the Wichita Mountains, gone cave diving at Robbers Cave, or fishing at Beavers Bend? What about trail hiking at Turkey Mountain, jumped off the cliffs at Grand Lake, or taken a swim at Lake Eufaula? Then you may just be Oklahoman.

Find yourself, outdoors. That is the motto of Oktera, an outdoors apparel brand based out of Tulsa, OK. They are trail hikers, bird watchers, rock skippers, frog catchers, kayakers, and most importantly – adventure seekers. Oktera was born out of the idea that Oklahomans are some of the most outdoorsy people in the country, and they want you to be a part of that vision, too.

Mythic has partnered with Oktera to build an apparel line that you are going to go love more than the sound of a crackling fire on the shore of Lake Keystone. Our designers took everything we love about Oklahoma and it into the shirt designs. We’ve created shirts for Turkey Mountain, Bike Tulsa, and we are just getting started.

There are now seven t-shirt designs in production. Don’t tell anyone I told you, but hats may be in the works soon, too. If you are looking for Oktera’s latest gear check out the store by clicking here.

oktera outdoors apparel

We’re all seekers. And in the absence of distraction, you can typically find what you’re looking for. That’s why we love the great outdoors – the only thing standing between you and discovery is your willingness to journey the path. We celebrate all that is great about that experience. Whether it’s engrossing content that inspires your next hike, or beautiful clothes to wear along the way, we’re here to make that journey a rewarding one. Let us journey together.