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Since opening our doors in March 2015, Mythic has been working hard to build relationships with the Tulsa community and use our screen printing knowledge to print top-notch t-shirts for our friends. Design and garment quality are our top two priorities. We have a team of skilled designers that work in-house and our two printmakers collectively have fifteen years of screen printing experience. We’ve ordered so many different styles of shirts that we can easily tell our clients which garments will have the best possible cut and feel while remaining within their budget.

As Mythic has grown, our client base, print shop, and processes have developed as well. When we were recently adding photography to our portfolio page, it became apparent that we have been fortunate enough to print shirts with artwork created by a number of talented Oklahoma artists. Even better, some of the shirts were for local businesses and others promoted events that already had our attention. We are so excited to be screen printing t-shirts for these people who are doing great things for Oklahoma.

Our friend, Cody Brewer, has been steadily bringing us a slew of fun projects. Cody picks a banjo and performs lead vocals in the Tulsa band, Grazzhopper. He is also a founding member and guitarist in The Moai Broadcast. Cody dedicates a generous portion of his time to organizing and promoting the Easter Island Music Festival held each April just north of Tulsa. In addition to being a musician, Cody works at the Woody Guthrie Center and serves up tasty tacos at Mr. Nice Guys, a food truck that can be found in Tulsa wherever good music is nearby or at Guthrie Green on Food Truck Wednesday. The very talented Oklahoma artist and muralist, Jake Beeson, gets credit for designing both the Easter Island and Mr. Nice Guys artwork.


Two existing Grazzhopper designs that we formatted for screen printing and tie-dyed Woody Guthrie totes.

Two existing Grazzhopper designs that we formatted for screen printing and tie-dyed Woody Guthrie totes.


Screen Printed T-shirts Designed by Jake Beeson

Easter Island 2015 shirt design and Mr. Nice Guys t-shirts, both designed by Jake Beeson.


One of our printmakers made a social media connection with Jamie Pettis, an artist from Oklahoma City who relocated to Phoenix, Arizona not long ago. Jamie put a call out on Facebook for screen printers. She was looking for someone who could take her Prismacolor drawings and turn them into wearable art. Even though we had to communicate from many states away, we did what was necessary to make Jamie’s vision a reality. Initially, it took a lot of extra work to get started. We found the garment that was right for her project and then we made custom pallets that stretched the shirts to their full width.

Printing large format transparencies was a bit of a challenge (only because most places want to charge ridiculous prices for this service), but once we solved that problem, we had everything we needed to knock out this job. We sent Jamie digital proofs after printing one shirt so that she could give us her blessing to continue with the rest of the order. Just after we shipped her shirts, we were a bit nervous because we hadn’t printed with this specific technique in the past and Jamie had only seen photographs; she had not yet actually held one of the shirts in her hands or worn one herself. She contacted us right after they arrived. She was more than thrilled and we have since printed another order that was twice as large as the previous one.


First release from Brazen Wolf Apparel by Jamie Pettis.

First release from Brazen Wolf Apparel from Jamie Pettis.


Since we are such big fans of art and music, we jumped at the opportunity to print shirts for Robert Keeley’s Premium Guitar Effects. Our friends at Sapien Brand Experience have a working relationship with Robert, so they threw us a bone and put us in touch with Keeley. One of our designers put together a design using a fun illustration and some hand-drawn type. We delivered the first batch of t-shirts to Keeley’s guitar pedal headquarters as a gift from Mythic. We have more screen printed shirts for Keeley in the works. We’ll be sharing these in the near future.


Gifted Shirts from Mythic to Keeley Premium Guitar Effects

Gifted Shirts from Mythic to Keeley Premium Guitar Effects


Make sure to catch us at Guthrie Green during the 100th First Friday Art Crawl on October 2, 2015 from 6-9pm in the Brady Arts District. We will be screen printing various designs on the northeast corner of Brady and Boston to commemorate this milestone event. So come on out, check out all of the new exhibitions in any of the twenty art venues in the area. Come see the Mythic crew and be sure to leave with a fresh shirt proving that you were a part of a cool moment in Tulsa history.

Mythic would like to thank all of these folks for giving us the opportunity to do what we love – screen print. Be sure to check their music, artwork, services and products. These people are all contributing to the local culture by making great art and music in Oklahoma.


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    Holy crap, these are awesome guys! I can’t believe you are working with such great artists already. Keep up the good work and send me one of the Keeley shirts.

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