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Route 66 Live Screen Printing

We are proud to occupy a space on old Route 66 just outside of downtown Tulsa, OK. The Mother Road, as it’s called, was once THE path to the West Coast and traveled by many motorists as a way to explore the world. While things have certainly changed, Tulsa is aiming to breath new life into this old stretch of road.

StreetCred66 hosted by Typros this year showed the city of Tulsa how life along 11th street look moving forward. They highlighted the district for a week bringing focus to improved public transportation and showcasing local businesses. This included temporary bike lines, increased bus routes throughout the week. On Saturday, there was a huge block party spanning from Peoria to Delaware along Route66. We served as a stop along the way offering burgers and beer to those that stopped by.

We also created an Art Deco inspired shirt design honoring Route66 in Tulsa, which we printed on event day.

Street Cred 66 Shirt

Street Cred 66 Shirt

Deco Route 66 Shirt

Here is the Art Deco styled shirt we designed for the event.

route 66 shirt

Two lovely gals stopped by for a custom printed Route 66 t-shirt

live screen printing

Live printing shirts at Street Cred event.


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